Is there anything you wouldn’t give as a present?

Struggling to find a gift for your friends and family? In this one click society, it feels like people already have everything they want. Finding something that will bring them some happiness is a hard task. But what if we started to think outside the box? How about getting them something they might not have thought to get for themselves? What about a gift that can help them take time for themselves and boost their mental wellness?


To help you find the perfect gift, I’m suggesting we all start thinking about giving toys as presents! Although the sexual wellness market is exploding at the moment, it’s important to be respectful of people that don’t want to discuss their sexual desires or masturbation routines in front of people. If you think your recipient might not want to open it in front of everyone, it’s ok to present it to them at a quieter moment. Or you could even suggest they open it later when they are by themselves. 


More sections of society are opening up, talking about pleasure openly and embracing the idea of it not being shameful. Hopefully, in time, people who still feel this way about themselves and their desires will open up, too. Until then, let’s not deny them the right to a good orgasm!


So, let me run through some toy suggestions, along with who I think they’d be good for:


The Dame Eve II by Dame is a great couple's toy. It’s an ideal gift for anyone with a vagina who has suggested they aren’t getting much from sex with their partner. Fitting in snugly under the labia, they can have the vibrations on their clit whilst their partner penetrates them. They’ll love their orgasm and love you even more for the gift!


The BJ Rabbit is a fantastic present! It does exactly what it says and gives the person with a penis a blow job. Now that really is the gift that keeps on giving. Single or in a relationship, this is a must for anyone with a penis. Honestly, once you’ve used a toy like this, there is no going back! Why would you not want your friend to experience this? 


The Gwen is a smooth, vibrating dream! I love this piece of equipment as it’s the perfect size for travelling. The waterproof nature also makes bath time a bit more fun. Although, in my opinion, every female should own one of these, it would make a great present for friends that have never tried a toy. Unintimidating and offering a wonderful selection of vibration patterns, it will certainly make someone’s day!


Command Beginners Vibrating Hot Plug is a butt plug that vibrates and heats up. What a gift! Whoever you’re buying this for might not have used a butt plug before. So, I chose this one because I think the vibrations and heat make it a bit more enticing. When they get it out and switch it on, that interest will creep in and I’m sure they’ll be incorporating it into their sexual antics in no time.


Sometimes, the only way to break stigma is to run at it and hit it with a dildo!