Sleeves… but not the sort you find on a top

I was recently chatting with a friend and I mentioned a new sleeve that has recently hit the market. This is a pretty special one as it vibrates and heats up. They replied, ‘I’ve never encountered sex with someone that vibrates, or is heated’. Their negative reaction shocked me. Especially as this is such a marvellous toy. I said, ‘well I hope they were heated, because if they were cold they’d be dead.’ Of course, Necrophilia is a whole different blog.


I reflected on the conversation once we’d parted. I wondered why they were being defensive. They had dismissed what I was saying rather than sharing their fears about experiencing new toys. To clarify, I do not have a penis. But the thought of putting a sexual organ into something warm and vibrating kind of makes me want one.


Let’s have a look at what you can purchase to pop your penis into… repeatedly.


Shall we start with a butt hole? It’s cast from the lovely Colby Keller. He’s a very strapping man, with a very tight entry point. With lots of ridges to give your penis different sensations, The Flesh Jackboys Cocksleve – Colby Keller Anus is a great toy for enjoyment and stamina training.


Now let’s look at Signature Stroker Honey Gold. Directly cast from her pussy, you can get your penis the real Honey Gold experience. The material warms to the touch, so you can create some heat whilst you enjoy the textures of the tight tube.


If you want another great arse hole to tuck into, meet Flesh Jackboys Cock Sleeve – Milan Christopher. With its tight entry hole and textured inside, it will really feel like you’re fucking Milan Christopher up the arse. And by the looks of him, who wouldn’t be aroused by such a hottie?


Another snug sleeve to slip into, Signature Stroker Katrina Jade is perfect for enjoyment. Katrina Jade is definitely up to the task of fulfilling your fantasies, whilst you fill her up with your cum.


Last but not least, the hot, vibrating beauty that got this entire conversation started. Satisfyer Masturbator Heat Vibrato heats up so you can slide your penis into a warm bath of vibrations. The snug fit will make sure the warmth and vibrations rub up against your penis in perfect synchronisation.