Foria Intimacy Natural Lubricant with CBD

Foria Intimacy Natural Lubricant with CBD

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About - 
Organic Liquid Coconut with Broad Spectrum CBD

Meet your new bedroom essential – an all-natural lube designed to enhance solo or partnered sex with the pleasure-enhancing & soothing benefits of CBD. This formula is gently moisturizing, lightweight, and non-greasy. Go ahead, get it everywhere!

  • 100% plant-based

  • Organic-certified MCT oil from sustainably-grown, cold-pressed coconuts
    200mg broad-spectrum CBD (plus terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids)

  • Low-impact, eco-conscious, fully-recyclable packaging with minimal plastic.

  • No additives, preservatives or THC

  • Not for use with latex or polyisoprene protection



  • Intimacy Lubricant with CBD is designed for topical use to enhance the comfort and enjoyment of sexual activity. Apply as desired.

  • To ease penetration, enhance tactile sensation, soothe discomfort, or moisturise and lubricate anywhere, pour as much Intimacy Lubricant as you like into your palm and apply wherever you like – or drizzle directly for extra decadence. Reapply anytime for extra glide.

  • When using with Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD, apply Awaken ahead of time to ensure full absorption of the active ingredients before adding Intimacy Lubricant.


  • NOT FOR USE WITH LATEX OR POLY-ISOPRENE. Intimacy Lubricant is oil-based so any condoms, diaphragms or toys must be oil-safe materials like polyurethane or nitrile for protection from STIs and pregnancy, or lambskin for prevention of pregnancy (but not STIs).

  • ALLERGENS: avoid use if you (or your partner) are allergic to any ingredients. Contains coconut oil, which is considered a "tree nut."

  • Keep out of reach of children.


  • Organic MCT Coconut Oil

  • Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract (200mg Active CBD)